Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Your story

I've been loving this quote lately and thought I'd throw it out for discussion among you creative lovelies! 

In what ways do your make your home your story? How do you try to keep that story authentic, when often decorating magazines and advice want to pigeonhole decor style and give it a Name, along with a hefty set of rules, of do's and dont's? 

I believe in the concept of our homes as our story. Do you? From boxes that haven't been unpacked in years, to that quilt that's been passed down, to even that dusty horseshoe that somehow seems beautiful...how does authenticity in our homes tell our truest stories? 

I'd love to hear what you think! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Word Giveaway!

As I have previously gushed about (and will only continue to do so), the growing success and encouragement of this here little creative venture is solely due to so many of you lovely people out there.

People who follow and inspire on Instagram. People who follow and inspire on Facebook. People who gives hugs and words of encouragement and have celebratory drinks with me in person. People who I know as dear friends, and those whose virtual presence keeps me motivated and inspired and fired up to continue with this crazy thing called Following Your Passion.

Thank you. Thank you all.

In my last post I talked about my Word for the Year: Hustle. It's finally settled in a bit, and I'm sticking with it (by God). I've seen so many other great words out there. And even a few Un-Words. (Read what the Nester has to say about that HERE). All meant to inspire and guide your goals. It's a great idea.

And so, with these two things in mind (gratitude for your presence, and being lead by a word), I bring you the first Hello Little Bungalow giveaway!!

Get your bootys over to our Facebook page, give us a warm back-scratching "like" and tell us what your Word (or Un-Word) of the Year is and why. I'm going to randomly pick a winner from all the posts and make you your very own reclaimed wood sign, with your Word on it, as a very small little gesture of much grander thanks.

I'd love for you to SEE your word daily. For it to lead you this year. And I'd feel honored to make it.

So, go like and comment. I can't wait to see where our words lead us!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Birds the Word

So, I've noticed quite a bit around the interwebs that many bloggers are deciding upon their "word of the year" for 2014. I've seen it listed as your One Little Word (#olw). The word that you choose to channel your energies and focus into for the coming year. A word perhaps that motivates you, or inspires you. One that you want to live into, or set your goals upon.

I'm more of a phrase-girl than a one-word-girl, but I like the idea all the same. So I pondered for awhile. Tried to let the word come to me instead of forcing it. Tried to feel out what word would encompass my goals for the year. Which word I like the feel of. Like trying on a new dress that instantly makes you stand straighter, and aligns both your posture and attitude for great things.

Then I came across this:

And it felt right.

And like that new dress (which would have to be red, by the way), I wore it around for awhile. Thought about it in relation to myself. To my goals. Let it roll around in my mouth a little; the sound of it. The cadence. (Cause really, I am a word-nerd).

I like how it feels like action. Working what you've got. Using your talents. Chasing your dream. Making things happen and not being idle. I like that it feels like the next step for what I want, and need to do to make my personal and professional goals happen this year. It feels like where things have led me at this point. To a point of getting myself out there. Challenging myself. Less planning and more doing.

And like any good word-nerd I went to look up the definition.
And there was my blunder.

Because the old school definition of Hustle is a bit sleazy. A bit deceitful feeling. Like swindling. Trickery. Perhaps achieving ones goals by whatever means necessary, which obviously, is not at all what I'm about.

But I feel like the "modern" definition Hustle is quite different nowadays. I see it written as a motivational message all over the place, used by people that I admire from a business standpoint.

So this is my question: Has the word Hustle changed? Do you see it as still tied to it's slightly self-serving roots, or do you feel like it embodies a new type of  "get up and go" that's positive and "go get'em-ish?"

All in all, I ultimately believe I can define MY word however I see fit, but I'm still curious as to your thoughts. Am I picking a loaded or confusing word??

Speak up, buttercup. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hot Damn Pixie Dust

I'm a sucker for a new year.

As a school employee I get the joy of experiencing a "new year" each August. A chance to start fresh. New students. New notebooks and a box of my favorite pens. New work ambitions and goals.

And then there's the actual start of the New Year. Seasons ebb and flow into one another and suddenly January 1st rolls around with all it's promise and hopes for something new. And again, I am sucked right in, believing deeply that we all need time to purposely make plans and set goals, and see how we are working towards things we value. Time to reflect on where we've been, what we've learned, and what we've become in the hilly process.

(I'm a Thinking- Feeling-Analyzing dork like that).

These brief few whirlwind months with Hello Little Bungalow have lit my creative fire. The more I've tapped into that creativity, the more it's inspiring effects have trickled this magic into all areas of my life. A bit of hot-damn pixie dust, if you will (yay for HDPD!)

As I paint and sand, I feel artistically satisfied in creating something tangible. The process of physically working makes me feel more relaxed, mentally and otherwise. Diving into one creative idea creates more of them. Conversing with creative people fuels a like-minded passion. And propels the cycle to continue. Creating. Brainstorming. Conversing. Creating. Over and over.

And I soak up every second of it. Hungry for more.

And so the newness of the year leads me to attempt to pinpoint goals in an arena I never have before: this creative little venture. What new projects will Hello Little Bungalow take on? How will I grow in the ones I've started? What have I learned so far, and in what ways would I like to challenge myself? How do I push past my comfort zones, tap into new areas, and in essence, GROW. Grow this business, grow my abilities, grow my bravery. Grow myself.

It's a forward-thinking time of the year. I visualize arrows launching and seeds germinating under winter soil, preparing to spring forward. Opening doors. Always moving forward. Letting passion lead the way.

What are you moving towards this year? What's your Hot-Damn-Pixie-Dust? :)