Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Birds the Word

So, I've noticed quite a bit around the interwebs that many bloggers are deciding upon their "word of the year" for 2014. I've seen it listed as your One Little Word (#olw). The word that you choose to channel your energies and focus into for the coming year. A word perhaps that motivates you, or inspires you. One that you want to live into, or set your goals upon.

I'm more of a phrase-girl than a one-word-girl, but I like the idea all the same. So I pondered for awhile. Tried to let the word come to me instead of forcing it. Tried to feel out what word would encompass my goals for the year. Which word I like the feel of. Like trying on a new dress that instantly makes you stand straighter, and aligns both your posture and attitude for great things.

Then I came across this:

And it felt right.

And like that new dress (which would have to be red, by the way), I wore it around for awhile. Thought about it in relation to myself. To my goals. Let it roll around in my mouth a little; the sound of it. The cadence. (Cause really, I am a word-nerd).

I like how it feels like action. Working what you've got. Using your talents. Chasing your dream. Making things happen and not being idle. I like that it feels like the next step for what I want, and need to do to make my personal and professional goals happen this year. It feels like where things have led me at this point. To a point of getting myself out there. Challenging myself. Less planning and more doing.

And like any good word-nerd I went to look up the definition.
And there was my blunder.

Because the old school definition of Hustle is a bit sleazy. A bit deceitful feeling. Like swindling. Trickery. Perhaps achieving ones goals by whatever means necessary, which obviously, is not at all what I'm about.

But I feel like the "modern" definition Hustle is quite different nowadays. I see it written as a motivational message all over the place, used by people that I admire from a business standpoint.

So this is my question: Has the word Hustle changed? Do you see it as still tied to it's slightly self-serving roots, or do you feel like it embodies a new type of  "get up and go" that's positive and "go get'em-ish?"

All in all, I ultimately believe I can define MY word however I see fit, but I'm still curious as to your thoughts. Am I picking a loaded or confusing word??

Speak up, buttercup. 


  1. I did not even think of the older connotation of the word until I read your post. I say to my girls "let's hustle" all the tme without thinking twice. To me it means get up and go, make it happen, don't dawdle....etc. I like it!

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