Friday, January 17, 2014

Word Giveaway!

As I have previously gushed about (and will only continue to do so), the growing success and encouragement of this here little creative venture is solely due to so many of you lovely people out there.

People who follow and inspire on Instagram. People who follow and inspire on Facebook. People who gives hugs and words of encouragement and have celebratory drinks with me in person. People who I know as dear friends, and those whose virtual presence keeps me motivated and inspired and fired up to continue with this crazy thing called Following Your Passion.

Thank you. Thank you all.

In my last post I talked about my Word for the Year: Hustle. It's finally settled in a bit, and I'm sticking with it (by God). I've seen so many other great words out there. And even a few Un-Words. (Read what the Nester has to say about that HERE). All meant to inspire and guide your goals. It's a great idea.

And so, with these two things in mind (gratitude for your presence, and being lead by a word), I bring you the first Hello Little Bungalow giveaway!!

Get your bootys over to our Facebook page, give us a warm back-scratching "like" and tell us what your Word (or Un-Word) of the Year is and why. I'm going to randomly pick a winner from all the posts and make you your very own reclaimed wood sign, with your Word on it, as a very small little gesture of much grander thanks.

I'd love for you to SEE your word daily. For it to lead you this year. And I'd feel honored to make it.

So, go like and comment. I can't wait to see where our words lead us!


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