Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hot Damn Pixie Dust

I'm a sucker for a new year.

As a school employee I get the joy of experiencing a "new year" each August. A chance to start fresh. New students. New notebooks and a box of my favorite pens. New work ambitions and goals.

And then there's the actual start of the New Year. Seasons ebb and flow into one another and suddenly January 1st rolls around with all it's promise and hopes for something new. And again, I am sucked right in, believing deeply that we all need time to purposely make plans and set goals, and see how we are working towards things we value. Time to reflect on where we've been, what we've learned, and what we've become in the hilly process.

(I'm a Thinking- Feeling-Analyzing dork like that).

These brief few whirlwind months with Hello Little Bungalow have lit my creative fire. The more I've tapped into that creativity, the more it's inspiring effects have trickled this magic into all areas of my life. A bit of hot-damn pixie dust, if you will (yay for HDPD!)

As I paint and sand, I feel artistically satisfied in creating something tangible. The process of physically working makes me feel more relaxed, mentally and otherwise. Diving into one creative idea creates more of them. Conversing with creative people fuels a like-minded passion. And propels the cycle to continue. Creating. Brainstorming. Conversing. Creating. Over and over.

And I soak up every second of it. Hungry for more.

And so the newness of the year leads me to attempt to pinpoint goals in an arena I never have before: this creative little venture. What new projects will Hello Little Bungalow take on? How will I grow in the ones I've started? What have I learned so far, and in what ways would I like to challenge myself? How do I push past my comfort zones, tap into new areas, and in essence, GROW. Grow this business, grow my abilities, grow my bravery. Grow myself.

It's a forward-thinking time of the year. I visualize arrows launching and seeds germinating under winter soil, preparing to spring forward. Opening doors. Always moving forward. Letting passion lead the way.

What are you moving towards this year? What's your Hot-Damn-Pixie-Dust? :)

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